Dank: POT

“BOSS.” That’s what the heavy gold chain reads around the hostess’ neck. Truth is, between the pressed flower wallpaper, throwback beats, kinky newspaper menus, and personal bibs that make everyone look like a happy jackass, this place is pretty Boss.

Roy Choi’s revolutionary set of dining establishments in Los Angeles (Sunny Spot, A-Frame, Kogi, Chego, Alibi Room, 3Worlds Cafe) just welcomed POT as a new addition to the family – the fun-loving cousin with purple hair, if you will.  Technically, the name refers to hot cauldrons containing boiling Korean stews. If Boss is oblivious, maybe he won’t notice the marijuana leaves on the walls.

Recommend SHORTY, braised galbi with chestnuts and dates. The meat is so tender it barely stays together before melting in your mouth. Also beautiful, the WHITE KIMCHI, which is as pretty to admire as it is to eat. Final word of advice: get the chilled NOODLE OF THE DAY, good for cleansing palates and warding off the spicy sweats.

Bottom line, if Boss is super fucking trendy, send him here. If Boss isn’t trendy but wants to be, consider POT Lesson #1. If Boss wears socks with sandals on the weekends and you’ve had a rough day… Light one up, grab a bib and never mention this place to your superiors.

(213) 368-3030
The Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010


POT // Restaurant
See menu below
11am-11pm, daily

POT // Lobby Bar
11am-11pm, Sunday – Tuesday
11am-2am, Wednesday – Saturday

POT // Cafe
6am-12am, Sunday – Tuesday
6am-2am, Wednesday – Saturday

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