The Springs

Whenever Boss gets homesick for New York, I make a reservation in the Arts District, because anyone who longs for seasons and wearing sweaters by necessity will go to Bestia or Church & State or Factory Kitchen for dinner and inevitably start babbling about Meat Packing 10 years ago. In reality, they’re still wedged between Alameda and the LA River, and Uber is the only way out.

But now, there’s The Springs – a holistic megaplex in a former paper factory, dreamt up by Kimberly Helms and Jared Stein – a New York duo. The headline is their 100% vegan restaurant, but really, The Springs means Boss can be in LA and go from yoga, to the juice bar, to a business lunch, to a massage, without so much as stepping on a gas pedal.

Michael Falso and Ian Martin (formerly of Planet Raw and M.A.K.E.) helm the kitchen and don’t heat anything above 118 degrees. They also use ingredients like kelp harvested by kayak at low tide. But before you click away – because you’re a carnivore and can’t keep a straight face in Café Gratitude – kelp for dinner makes an easy drunk and at the front of the space, there’s biodynamic beer and wine on tap, alongside a pristine pressed juice bar.

All joking aside, you don’t need to be vegan or vegetarian to appreciate and even enjoy the food here. In fact, the cheese plate is pretty dynamite and let’s be clear – praising macadamia chevre and pine nut parmesan is a brand new feeling.

Leave out the bit about the yoga studio and holistic treatment rooms in the back, and the juice bar and curated mini-store in the front, because you’ll loose Boss completely. Keep things simple and pitch The Springs as a beautiful, “healthy” restaurant with awesome smoothies. Before you know it, you’ll be answering to a Yogi with renewed energy and a positive outlook, because it’s Day 1 of a juice cleanse and Power Flow and Reiki are on the afternoon agenda.

The Springs

608 Mateo St.

Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 223-6226


Mon-Thu // 7am-11pm

Fri // 7am-12am

Sat // 9am-12am

Sun // 9am-1am

Make a reservation here.

Salads – $14-18 // Smoothies – $10-12 // Juices – $9 // Entrees –  $12-23


 north star


 almond milk











1507231_10152344640776793_6494155778014234963_o (1)Cheese Plate // Selection of house-made nut cheeses, seasonal fruit, mustard, seed-and-herb crackers.


Space by the chicks behind Design, Bitches. – also known for their work at Superba and Superba Food + Bread


Seaweed Salad // Romaine, kale, seaweed caesar dressing, avocado, capers, nori, sprouts, pumpkin seeds, pine nut parmesan.

1496464_10152344641401793_4999326553673372496_oCucumber Buttermilk Soup // Almond buttermilk, cucumbers, dill.


Spagetti alla Carbonara // Kelp and zucchini noodles, black pepper cream, smoked coconut bacon, peas, asparagus, mint, coconut yolk, black olive oil.


Low-key business meeting spot.


Spanakopita // Coconut phyllo, almond feta, wilted spinach, cucumbers, dill yogurt.


Murals in the yoga studio (pictured) and on the building’s facade by Angelina Christina and Ease One.


Sweet Pea Dessert // Sweet pea pistachio cake, strawberries, strawberry gelato, pea tendrils, honey.


Communal dining space.


The Springs, located in a converted warehouse in DTLA’s blossoming Arts District.

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