Gwang Yang BBQ

Happy New Year everybody. It’s week two of 2015 and FeedYourBoss is resolving to get cozy with K-Town.

Consider Gwang Yang BBQ your January appetizer. It’s brand new to the neighborhood, but a big hit in Seoul – big enough to make the move to Los Angeles, and with a seven-figure remodel. Hopefully, Boss knows about galbi – thick, sweet, beef short ribs that went mainstream thanks to Roy Choi. At Gwang Yang, it’s all about bulgogi – top-notch rib eye, thinly sliced, marinated, then charcoal grilled to tender perfection.

Gwang Yang’s secret lies in their bulgogi marinade – an old family recipe, very secret. The meat is grilled one of two ways: “Gangham-style,” (inspired by the region in Seoul, not Psy) which is traditional, simple and savory, or “LA-style” – sweet and soft, and with a clearly targeted audience.

The space is spotless, vast and versatile. On the floor, middle-aged Korean woman sip bottles of soju and large parties celebrate over barbecued feasts. In the private dining rooms, Korean businessmen type on laptops as expertly as they handle their chopsticks.

Maybe Koreatown intimidates Boss. Parking structures, long waits and, God forbid, signs in Korean… So start things off slow. Venture first to Commissary, move to POT. Force Boss out of The Line Hotel with Saint Martha… Ease into Gwang Yang. Consider it Boss’ foray into “traditional” Korean food – a stepping-stone of sorts. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a monster. A soju-slamming, pork neck stew-slurping, hole-in-the-wall hunting, Korean BBQ monster.


Don’t fill up on banchan (Korean small plates) – the dishes are beautiful, unlimited and consistently replenished. Hold out for the Kobe Yukhwoe (kobe-style beef tartar), which will restore your belief in raw meat. The Yook-Jeon (beef pancakes) and Mul Naengmyeon (cold noodles served in a chilled beef broth) are also great, but nothing beats the Dongchimi (chilled kimchi soup), which is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, and following your stuffing, will absolutely hit the spot.

Gwang Yang BBQ
(213) 385-5600
3435 Wilshire Blvd.
Ste 123
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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Prime YangNyeom-Galbi (Marinated prime beef short ribs)


Banchan (Korean small plates)


Bimim Naengmyeon (cold noodles served in a chilled beef broth)


Banchan (Korean small plates)


Bring friends… seriously.


Rear Dining Room.


Kobe Yukhwoe (kobe-style beef tartar)


Yook-Jeon (beef pancakes)


Front Dining Room.


Banchan (Korean small plates)


Gwang Yang Bulgogi (Thinly sliced, marinated,top-notch rib eye)


Dongchimi (chilled kimchi soup)… It doesn’t look like much, but it’s heaven on earth.


One of the many private rooms.


Prime YangNyeom-Galbi (Marinated Prime Beef Short Ribs)


Banchan (Korean small plates)


Banchan (Korean small plates)


Bimim Naengmyeon … up close (cold noodles served in a chilled beef broth)

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