Dan Sung Sa

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I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate the goal of FeedYourBoss: to be a place you trust. This is a discriminating site full of restaurants you’d be comfortable sending your boss or in-laws to.

Thing is, I also steadfastly believe that a great dive is good for the soul… Enter Dan Sung Sa. Because this ain’t no white table cloth, five-star service joint. This is a place where yelling Yeo-Gi-Yo  ((여기요) which means “Excuse me,” but roughly translates to “Get the hell over here”) hails the response Nae! and the best kind of no-frills service.

Following Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945, Korea’s working class began gathering under canvas-covered street stalls for soju and late-night finger foods. These shanty bars were called po-jang ma-cha (literally meaning “tented wagons“) and have since become a sort of romanticized touchstone in Korean culture. If you’ve seen any Korean film, you’ve likely seen a male protagonist drowning his sorrows with soju while sitting alone in one.

Dan Sung Sa is the po-jang ma-cha of LA’s Koreatown. It’s atmospheric and smokey, lumber-lined and papered with 1950’s Korean newspaper, then coated in drunken scrawl. And over the sound system, blasts hand-selected Korean pop music, burned onto CD’s by the brother/sister owner duo.

Most obviously, you drink here. Always cold beer accompanied by soju — Korea’s vodka, and the beverage responsible for those head-down naps and the type of wasted that sneaks up on you. But despite being considered a bar, I think of Dan Sung Sa as a worthy restaurant. Because you don’t need to be boozed up to enjoy the steamed pork belly with baby shrimp sauce, the spicy rice cake casserole, the beef short rib, or the fried Vermicelli noodles wrapped in seaweed, otherwise known as Dumbbells. 

There’s something about this place… Maybe it’s the graffitied timber, maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the (off-menu) Green Tea Soju haze. Regardless, it’s one of my favorite spots in LA and where you might find me writing these sorts of reviews. Point being, Dan Sung Sa is a place worth unearthing. If Boss can’t handle it, you certainly can.

 Dan Sung Sa

(213) 487-9100
3317 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Open 7 days // 4:00 pm – 2:00 am



1. Korean Rice Cake Skewer (v)  1.99
2. Korean Chicken Skewer  1.99
3. Prime Beef Skewer  1.99
4. Shrimp Skewer  1.99
5. Beef Intestine Skewer  1.99
6. Ginko Nut Skewer (v)  1.99
7. Mushroom Skewer (v)  1.99
8. Fresh Whole Garlic Skewer (v)  1.99
9. Chicken Gizzard Skewer  1.99
10. Scallop Skewer  1.99
11. Sausage Skewer  1.99
12. Pork Belly Skewer  1.99
13. Tender Pork Skewer  2.99
14. Frog Leg Skewer  2.99
15. Asparagus & Bacon Skewer  2.99
16. Korean Beef Short Rib galbi  2.99
17. Mixed Skewer Platter (8pcs) 13.99

Salad & Sashimi

18. Fresh Cold-Tofu With Vegetables Topping (v)  5.99
19. Mung Bean Jelly Mixed With Fresh Vegetables (v)  9.99
20. Fresh Red Snapper Sashimi Mixed with house sauce  11.99
21. Fresh Sea Snail Sashimi  12.99
22. Fresh Sea-Snail Mixed In Spicy Sauce with vegetables  13.99


23. Broiled Spike Mackerel  3.99
24. X-Large Dry Sweet White Fish Filet  3.99
25. Grilled Spam  5.99
26. Broiled Yellow Croaker  5.99
27. Broiled Eel  6.99
28. Dry Sweet White Fish Filet  7.99
29. Grilled Quail  7.99
30. Broiled Mackerel  7.99
31. Chicken Feet * your choice of mild or spicy  7.99
32. Grilled Sishamo  7.99
33. Grilled Fresh Squid  8.99
34. Dry Baby Squid Platter  9.99
35. B.B.Q Chicken * your choice of mild or spicy  10.99
36. Grilled Pork Belly with korean salad on the side  11.99
37. Grilled Beef Intestine Salad on the side  11.99
38. Broiled Fresh Water Eel  13.99
39. Salted B.B.Q Pork Ribs  13.99
40. Spicy B.B.Q Pork Ribs  13.99
41. B.B.Q Pork Ribs  13.99

Omelete And Pancakes

42. Korean Style Hash Brown (v)  6.99
43. Korean Style Egg Omelette  8.99
44. Korean Style Omelette With Cheese Filling  9.99
45. Korean Style Omelette With Kimchi Filling  9.99
46. Korean Pancake with mixed seadfood and vegetables  9.99
47. Korean Style Kimchi Party Pancake  10.99

Pan Fried

48. Corn Cheese  6.99
49. Spicy Squid * with assorted vegetables  10.99
50. Spicy Calamari * with bean sprouts  10.99
51. Ddeokbokki with kimchi  10.99
52. Original Korean Noodle Sausage mixed with vegetables  11.99
53 Beef Instestine mixed with vegetables and glass noodle  11.99
54. Grilled Pork Belly with vegetables and kimchi  11.99
55. Steamed Tofu * with grilled kimchi  11.99
56. Bulgogi with bean sprout and crystal noodle  11.99
57. Ddeokbokki * spicy rice cake casserole  11.99
58. Spciy Octopus * with assorted vegetabes  12.99
59. Ddeokbokki * with ramen noodle  13.99
60. Pan Fried Seafood Udon  13.99


61. Dumbbell  4.99
62. Deep Fried Dumpling  5.99
63. Thick-Cut French Fries (v)  6.99
64. Grilled Chicken gizzard with korean salad  11.99
65. Deep Fried Shrimp with cream cheese filling  11.99
66. Fried Chicken Wings *  13.99
67. Fried Chicken Wings * with sauce. your choice of mild or spicy  13.99
68. Chicken Gangjung Boneless Chicken * with rice cake. your choice of mild or spicy  14.99


69. Assorted Fish Cake(Oden) Soup  9.99
70. Crispy Rice And Bean Sprout Soup  9.99
71. House Kimchi Stew *  10.99
72. Fresh Clam Soup  10.99
73. Fresh Mussel Soup  10.99
74. Spicy Silk Lavor Soup *  10.99
75. Fresh Cod Roe Soup *  11.99
76. Fresh Cod Roe Soup with whole potato  11.99


77. Steamed Egg hot pot  6.99
78. Original Korean Noodle Sausage  9.99
79. Steamed Baby Calamari * with vegetables wrap  9.99
80. Steamed Calamari  9.99
81. Steam Pork Belly with radish kimchi  10.99


82. Korea Ramen  4.99
83. Korean Mild Noddle Soup with clam and vegetables  6.99
84. Hot Pot Udon  7.99


85. Hot Pot Udon  3.99
86. Mini Rice Ball (v)  3.99
87. Rice Bars with toppings (6) 4.99 (3) 2.99
88. Lunch Box fried kimchi, egg,seaweed and rice  5.99


89. Lychee On Ice  6.99
90. Yellow Peach On Ice  6.99
91. Watermelon seasonal  9.99


Beer  6.99  3.99
Cham-E- Seol Soju (375ml) 12.99
Fresh Cham E-Seol-Soju (375ml) 12.99
Chum-Che-Rum Soju (375ml) 12.99
Traditional Herb Wine (375ml) 12.99
Black-Raspberry Wine (375ml) 14.99
Fresh Maggulli traditional korean fermented rice wine  13.99
Grapefruit Makkoli rice wine  13.99
Lemon-Soju Cocktail (375ml) 12.99
Yogurt-Soju Cocktail (600ml) 16.99


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Steamed Pork Belly with radish kimchi

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Asparagus & Bacon Skewer, Tomato & Bacon SkewerKorean Beef Short Rib galbi

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetDumbbells

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Chicken Feet * your choice of mild or spicy

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSpicy Octopus * with assorted vegetabes

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Soju seductress.

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Dumplings? I’m honestly unsure. At this point, I was three sheets to the wind.

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Try the off-menu green tea soju. Then try walking.

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