Jessica Granger

Me & food.

When I graduated from college, I got a job as an assistant to an agent at a major entertainment agency.

Week one, my boss tasked me with picking a decent spot for a quick client meal. So I went on Yelp, searched “dinner” in Beverly Hills, and found a place Ryan Gosling co-owned.

The next morning, Boss called me into his office and I could see his neck vein bulging. “Jessica,” he said, “Do you realize, you sent me to a three-hour long, prix fixe date spot for dinner with another man. We had to sit on floor cushions… FLOOR CUSHIONS.”

He gave me an ultimatum: learn where to eat, and I could keep my job. So I started a list. And FeedYourBoss is what it became — a comprehensive food map of LA, full of places I wouldn’t be afraid to send his mother to.

Use it to impress Boss with a solid restaurant recommendation. Get out of the dog house with a nice dinner date. Do what you want with it, just remember: they can’t yell at you when their mouths are full.

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