After graduating from college, Jessica landed a job as an assistant to an agent at a major entertainment agency. On her first day, her Boss tasked her with picking a decent spot for a quick dinner with a client. After rushing through Yelp, Jessica suggested a spot that had some nice food pictures and off Boss went... To a three-hour long, 7-course prix fixe date spot where he and his client were forced to sit on floor cushions.

The next day, Jessica was given an ultimatum: learn where to eat and she could keep her job. So she started a list and FeedYourBoss is what it became — a comprehensive food map of LA, full of places she wouldn’t be afraid to send her Boss' mother-in-law to.

Nowadays, when she's not eating dim sum, tacos, or pasta, she's asking Jeff (below) how to prepare anything other than a boiled egg, because she's useless in the kitchen, but a great enjoyer of other peoples' food. 

Jessica's passions are writing, exploring nature, wearing clogs, and driving vintage cars.




  Chief Food Officer

Jeff is an LA-raised, Ivy-educated former lawyer, who quit his law firm job to write FeedYourBoss. Just kidding. He quit his job to do entrepreneurial things but also so that he could devote more time to his one true passion: going on dates and talking about how he writes for FeedYourBoss. 

Jeff is the classy one. He knows foie gras overlooking the ocean in Venice like Jessica knows the Po Boy at a Creole deli in Chinatown. ^^ Here he is on a pasta tasting tour of the Italian countryside, for instance. (Some have said that Jeff was the original inspiration for Season 2 of Master of None.)

Jokes aside, Jeff has been in LA for 29 years and is constantly eating the best food in town. When it comes to restaurant recs, food reviews and cocktail tasting, he's the guy. His passions are traveling, playing jazz sax, and sweating out his dinner in morning vinyasa yoga.