Make Them Th(ink.)

You know those restaurants. Celebrity chef, minimalist design, bright kitchen built for peering into...

The small plates are rich and stylized and require a decent amount of explaining, and the waiters are tattooed and well-versed, if you care to listen.

Chef Michael Voltaggio won “Top Chef” in 2009 and opened ink in 2011. Most recently, he was named a Best New Chef of 2013 by Food and Wine magazine.

Two years ago, ink was a near-impossible ticket. These days, reservations are feasible.

This place is not for solo comfort meals, but at the very least, clients will feel special when their plate looks a bit like it belongs in the MoMA. Recommend ink to Boss for a chic-casual dinner.

If there’s a lull in conversation, Boss can get all LA intellectual and talk about the dawn of experiential eating and technical innovation in the urban kitchen.

A word about the apple dessert, which successfully combines just about every palatable texture and features an ice cream shell that you crack with a spoon over the base. It’s a house favorite and one of the few permanent fixtures on the menu.

If there’s a signature dish of the house, it’s the egg yolk gnocchi with mushroom brown butter. Slice the pasta open and squeeze for a glimpse at the curiously gooey egg yolk center.It will make Boss th(ink.)

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Adjacent to ink is ink.sak, Voltaggio’s quiet little sandwich features house-made snacks and affordable sandies ranging from $4 to $6. All of the meats are prepared down the block in it’s Mama’s (ink.’s) kitchen. Maybe Boss will treat you to one.

ink. $$$$ Menu (323) 651-5866 8360 melrose ave. los angeles, ca 90069 sundays-thursdays 6pm-11pm / fridays-saturdays 6pm-12am

ink.sak $$ Menu (323) 655-7225 8360 melrose ave. los angeles, ca 90069 ink.sack 7 days a week 11am-8pm