Eat. Escape. Foodshop.

"You know," an agent muttered to me once as she reached for her pressed juice, "my favorite places to eat are the ones I disappear in. The ones that make me feel like no one else in the world knows where I am." I took a step closer. "Foodshop," she whispered. It's the weekend and somewhere in Venice, in a little toolshed lit with candles and bare bulbs, there's a dinner party of strangers transpiring. Behind a sliding steel door await Hyejin Cho and Itay Zach - two friends who met in architecture school. Eleven years later and their architectural undertakings have become mere hobbies; what started as cooking for close friends on the weekends has become this - a five-course meal for forty eager guests, served on mismatched plates at a long wooden table.

The crowd varies by night and there's a rotating menu. Gardeners, school teachers, old friends and young lovers share wine and trade stories and ask one another, "is this your first?" I’ve gone three months in a row now and have kept it a secret, because sometimes, certain things are worth protecting.

If (and only if) Boss deserves it, do a little digging and find your way onto Foodshop's mailing list. Posting a link would be too easy. Sign up the moment you receive the email - wait lists are long and good word is spreading. If Boss can't make it, don't waste the reservation.

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Foodshop BYOB 3-6 Nights per month Venice

This month at Foodshop:

The Menu (Suggested Donation $65)


Apritif Ole Smoky Moonshine cocktail
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hushpuppies fresh corn, mint, bourbon honey butter sauce ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kale Pear Salad black kale, sweet onion, walnuts, agave vinaigrette, cheese ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mac and Cheese aged cheddar & gruyere, Granny-Smith apples, white truffle oil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Beef Ribs* slow cooked grass-fed beef ribs, coriander bourbon BBQ sauce Yams organic baby yams, black caraway, olive oil, sea salt Spinach organic spinach, cream, garlic Okra tomato braise, smoked paprika, garlic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with shopmade vanilla ice cream

DRINKS Please bring beverages of your choice (beer & bourbon work well)
*BBQ Prawns available as substitute by prior request only